Runco VX-55d 3-chip DLP 1080p Projection System

The VX-55d 3-chip DLP 1080p Projection System by Runco was exhibited at the CES 2007 and this one is strictly for high-end usage! The THX program ensures HD and standard definition content presentation in  correct color, luminance levels and video processing capabilities.  It also includes a three-chip implementation of DLP where each chip is dedicated to a specific color – red, green and blue. You need to shell out a cool $99,995 bucks to get this baby in your HT Setup!

“Our Video Xtreme portfolio of 3-chip 1080p projectors takes video projection to the next level with dazzling picture quality and extensive options to deliver unprecedented cinematic realism,” said Runco President Bob Hana. “These flagship projection systems are created for the very finest home theater applications, and are designed for true connoisseurs of big screen picture perfection who will accept no compromise.”