Runco Unveils Seven New Large-Screen Flat Panels

Runco has recently unveiled its latest seven new plasma flat panels and Exclusive OPAL Image enhancement Technology. The latest OPAL Image Technology offers outstanding glower reduction and higher contrast for high ambient light surroundings.  

The high-end Runco models are capable of delivering a masterful amalgamation of image competences, perfect designs, as well as state-of-art craftsmanship for its unique performance.

The Runco new seven models are quite excellent and feature accurate video processing and installer-friendly features. Runco CX-700HD model offers a ground-breaking contrast ratio, superb gray scaling and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation).

Moreover, the Runco OPAL technology uses proprietary micro-surface action of the flat panel and provides three major benefits. It also improves pictures clarity, as well as legibility in fields with medium-to-high ambient light.

Runco new seven flat panels will be available in mid-October 2008. MSRP is just $34.995. The CX-65HD and CX-47HD are expected to reach stores in December 2008 at $14.995 and $4,495.  The Plasma Wall XP-65 and XP-50 will be available January 2009 at $12,995 and $6,495, respectively. The WP-420PALHD is available now at $8,995 MSRP and CX-OPAL47 LCD will start shipping in January at $5,995 MSRP.

Via: press