Runco to Stand by LCD and Plasma TV Business Line

Despite the turn of most electronics companies towards a new approach in business outlook, there is one company that is sticking it out in the LCD and PLASMA business. High-performance display manufacturer Runco says it is reaffirming “its unyielding commitment” to high-end plasmas and LCDs, despite manufacturers who have recently dropped TV lines.

“Unlike other brands that proved unsuccessful in providing flat panel solutions for dealers within the custom installation channel, Runco continues to provide LCDs and plasmas that are demonstrably superior to the ubiquitous big-brand panels,” says Matt Christensen, Runco’s manager of product marketing.

Despite talk of banning plasmas in Europe and California considering prohibiting retailers from selling non-energy efficient TVs, it seems more likely that sales of displays will slow because of the economy—not because of the technology.

(Source) Electronic House