Runco Extends LCD Screen Line-up

Runco recently expanded its LCD Screen Line-up series based on Optical Path Alignment (OPAL) image enhancement technology. The entire range of series consists of seven new 1080p LCD, plasma flat panels and exclusive Opal. The wide array of models include the 70-inch Crystal Series CX-70DHD, 47-inch CX-47HD, 65-inch CX-65HD, 65-inch XP-65, 50-inch XP-50, WP-42OPALHD and CX-OPAL47.

"In the world of high-end video, there are flat panels and then, for those who seek the very best, there are Runco flat panels," said Matt Christensen, sr. product manager, Planar Home Theater Business Unit.

All the models offer augmented contrast and extreme glare reduction in the ambient light environments. The external DHD video controller/processor CX-70DHD feature VirtualWide mode, the CX-65HD and CX-47HD are based on Vivix II processing with Runco’s RTR 120Hz technology. The outstanding gray scaling and amazing contrast ratio with ISF ISFccc calibration suite make all of them stand out in the industry.

While the CX-70DHD is priced at $34,995, the CX-65HD and CX-47HD are priced at $14,995 and $4,495 respectively. Runco’s PlasmaWall XP-65 and XP-50 are reasonably priced at $12,995 and $6,495, respectively. Get home the WP-42OPALHD for $8,995 and CX-OPAL47 LCD for $5,995 MSRP.