Runco Crystal Portfolio Series LCD HDTVs

Runco recently introduced the newest additions of flat panel video displays to its Crystal Portfolio series of LCD HDTVs, designed for matchless image performance. The series features tree new screen sizes, all integrated with the company’s exclusive OPAL image-enhancement technology.

For rooms of distinction, the CX-42HD, CX-OPAL42, CX-55HD, CX-OPAL55 and CX-OPAL65 reproduce spectacular 1080p HD imagery. Each display is surrounded by an elegant black-finish frame. They come complete with exceptional contrast, brightness and seamless connectivity to multiple sources. All the models offer 120-hertz processing, 1920 x 1080 performance and supports Runco’s superb Vivix™ digital video processing technology. They are built with quality and craftsmanship to ensure an amazing experience every time.

All Runco displays feature a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty and are priced as follows-

· The CX-42HD is shipping with a $3,495 MSRP

· The CX-OPAL42 will ship in November with a $4,495 MSRP

· The CX-55HD is shipping with a $7,995 MSRP

· The CX-OPAL55 ships in November with a $9,995 MSRP

· The CX-OPAL65 is shipping with a $17,995 MSRP