Rumor: Microsoft Preparing Google TV, Apple TV Competitor

When it comes to home theater buzz a whole slew of information has been circulating regarding Google TV and Apple TV. While the two technologies have been selling decent amounts their principle is what’s really interesting. Previously, there had always been a clear distinction between a computer and a television as the former was much more versatile than the latter. However, with the introduction of Google TV we are now able to do things like browse the web, watch YouTube videos, stream Netflix and so much more all on the big screen.

If recent rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is thinking that this is a very lucrative business as they are reportedly toying with the idea of getting into the market. According to these rumors, Microsoft is looking to produce a line up of set-top boxes powered by a slimmed down version of their Windows desktop operating system. While nothing is confirmed just yet, it wouldn’t be too ridiculous to think they would call these new products Windows TVs to go along with the competitors naming scheme and their current product line up.

These rumors also say that these Windows powered set-top boxes are set to launch sometime this year for around $200 but like I said, nothing has been confirmed so take all of this with a grain of salt.

via geeky-gadgets