Roxio Burn for Windows 7 Released

Now that Microsoft has unveiled its latest operating system, chances are other Windows-based applications will follow. And for their part, Roxio has unveiled the Roxio Burn for Windows 7, an intelligently styled, lightweight software application that addresses the primary burning needs of Windows 7 and Vista users.

With its unique ‘Desktop Icon’ user interface, Roxio Burn enables consumers to efficiently and effectively perform frequent burning activities, such as copying a data or audio CD and backing up files to optical disc, with simple drag, drop, and click actions.

Roxio Burn is part of a new generation of applications and services from Roxio that are the result of a design-led development initiative. The elegantly designed products, which are based on extensive usability testing, make digital media tasks extremely accessible and provide consumers a fun and intuitive environment in which to work.

Roxio Burn is expected to be available shortly on PCs from major manufacturers. The application is part of a new range of products from Roxio for Windows 7 and the emerging Touch-Screen and Netbook PC segments.

(Source) Press