Roth Audio OLi Series Loudspeakers

Roth Audio OLi Series Loudspeakers Roth AV has introduced its second series of OLi speakers that focuses on delivering excellent music quality, stylish looks and all these at attractive price. After the first set of Roth AV OLi speakers it has now lined up the second generation speakers named OLi10, OLi20, OLi30, OLi40 and OLi50.

OLi 10 is the smallest of this series sizing 21 cm yet delivers a punching sound when placed to a wall in a small spaced room. OLi20 is slightly bigger than its little brother and is delivers the maximum potential of micro system connected to it. This suits perfectly for rooms slightly bigger than small sized rooms. OLi 30, OLi40 and OLi50 are the top end speakers that deliver an outstanding music quality even at maximum volume without any damping noise as they are featured with DAL technology.

OLi10, OLi20, OLi30, OLi40 and OLi50 are priced at $109, $149 $299$ $399 $799 respectively. All the speakers are available in Black finishes and Birds Eye Maple color.