Roseanna Vitros Tropical Postcards In SACD Surround Sound

A-Records has released Roseanna Vitro’s Tropical Postcards album as a new Surround Sound Super Audio CD. The new disc is her eighth album and it features the singer performing 11 Brazilian standards.

It’s a bit of a departure for the label since most of their releases are firmly in the jazz arena. Tropical Postcards not only features Roseanna Vitro on vocals but also several well known jazz players including Joe Lovano and Don Braden on Sax and Kenny Werner on Piano as well as the Brazilian group Trio da Paz.

Comments from A-Records
A-Records describes the album by saying that “Roseanna Vitro brings a wealth of swing, melodic improvisation and heartfelt expression to the jazz idiom. Eight distinctive recordings have established her reputation as a unique conduit of vocal jazz.

She combines a vibrant energy and a deep understanding of the history of jazz with her rhythmic, soulful southern roots to produce her own unique sound and style. Add to that a strong desire to blend world influences (Brazilian, Latin, Indian) to “push the envelope” past the conventional vocal jazz repertoire, utter grace with emotionally charged lyrics and a passion for “swinging the band,” and you’ll see why she’s loved by festivals, clinics, critics and fans.”

Album Musicians
Roseanna Vitro – Vocals
Kenny Werner – Piano
Joe Lovano – Sax
Don Braden – Sax

Trio Da Paz:
Romero Lubambo – Guitar
Nilson Matta – Bass
Duduka Da Fonseca – Drums

Chieli Minucci – Guitar
Robert E. Bowen – Bass
Dean Johnson – Bass
Cecil Brooks III – Drums
Mino Cinelu – Percussion
Tom Lellis- Additional Vocals

Album Selections
1. Song of the Jet
2. Land of Wonder
3. I’ll Be Seeing You
4. Cevtas Camodes
5. Kisses
6. I Just Need Your Kisses
7. Reza
8. I Remember You
9. Wave
10. Cravo e Camela
11. In Search of My Heart

Recording Credits and Sonics
As with many of the releases on A-Records and its parent label, Challenge Records, Tropical Postcards was recorded, mixed and mastered in Direct Stream Digital (DSD). The album was recorded and mixed by Paul Wickliffe with assistance on the SACD Surround Sound mix by Gus Skinas and K.C. Groves of the Sony SACD Project’s Boulder Studios along with Eric Troyer, Lindsay Troyer and Gary Eskow. It was made by Sony DADC’s plant in Austria.

The album’s Surround Sound mix places Vitro’s vocals in the Center channel and the musicians across the front channels for the most part. The Surround channels are used for ambience and musical accents for the most part. The mix captures Vitro’s vocals very well and it makes for a nice trip through these well known selections.

Recent Releases from the Challenge Records Group
Tropical Postcards brings the number of SACDs released by the Challenge Records Group in the Netherlands to 17 titles in the U.S. market and 23 in Europe where the labels (A-Records, Challenge Records and Javaanse Jongens Tracks) are based. Some of the recent releases from the group in the U.S. include a new SACD Sampler selling for only $9.99 that features highlights of the labels earlier jazz and classical music SACDs, a recording by Bob Brookmeyer and the New Art Orchestra featuring guest solo trumpeter Till Brцnner, a recording of Mozart’s Requiem by the Kuijken Kwartet and a recording by the Harmen Fraanje Quartet entitled Sonatala.

Interestingly, Brцnner was recently signed to Universal Music International’s Boutique label. He has just released a new Surround Sound SACD of his own on the label entitled That Summer (Boutique 6024-981866-9) which is now available in Europe.

Given that the Challenge SACDs are sourced from Analog or DSD masters and have received very high marks, you’ll want to keep an eye out for them. The Brookmeyer Surround SACD is a real treat for big band fans with a Surround mix that uses the front and surround speakers quite effectively to fill the room with the band.

  • Bob Brookmeyer & New Art Orchestra with Till Bronner – Get Well Soon (Challenge Records SACHR 70111)
  • Harmen Fraanje Quartet – Sonatala (Challenge Records SACHR 70116)
  • Challenge SACD Compilation – It’s The Birth of a New Sound (Challenge Records SACHR 75160)
  • Kuijken Kwartet – Mozart: Requiem (Challenge Records SACC 72121)

    Tropical Postcards is now available from music stores including Tower Records. It is also available on the web from Allegro Music, Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc and Music Direct. These outlets also have the other Challenge Records SACDs mentioned above.