Ridata Yego USB Hub Drive now in 8GB


Advanced Media will exhibit Ridata Yego USB Hub Drive in 8GB capacity during the International CES2008. The Yego will store the data securely and enable the user to add USB Powered devices. The unique and practical “Y” design enables the user to connect more USB Devices, thus increasing storage space.

With its in-built security functions and advanced partition, the Yego USB Drive is the best buy. The user can save confidential data in it by creating password-protected sectors. The plug-and-play device consists of a Tie Style LED Indicator depicting usage status. Works with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, the Hub Drive offers a speed of 480Mbps.

Compatible with Win9x, XP, 2K, Linux, Kernel 2.4, Mac OS8.6 and above, the drive comes in a vast color. The drivers for Yego USB drive are available for download from www.ritekusa.com

Via: Ridata