RIAA, MPAA Invades Government

Now this may or may not apply to you, chances are someone you known or someone you know, knows someone who has come across illegally obtained media in one form or another. Well, the RIAA, Mrs. Bush hopes to stop this with his signing of the PRO-IP Act or Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property, act.

Basically, what this means is that there is now, or will be, new branches of governement (funded by your tax money, who else?) completely devoted to the desturction of illegally sharing copyrighted files. Or, you could just say the RIAA and MPAA have invaded our governement and hope to have you sued up the ying-yang for downloading The Dark Knight, to play on your 50″ HDTV last week with some pals. Then again, everyone’s doin’ it, right?

NOTE: CyberTheater does not support piracy in any way shape or form, thank you.