Ri makes your iDevice a Universal Remote

We have reported on many ways to turn an iPhone into a universal remote, like the ones from FLPR, Seagate, and even Universal.

Now a company called apptwee (assuming it is in all lower case) has created a small device known as the Ri that fits in the pocket, and plus right into the headset jack of the iDevice. Apparently, that works as a infrared sensor.

The user of Ri has to download the App from the App store, but it is free. From there, it is as easy as configuring one or more remote, and it is easy from there to click away. The Ri App comes with all the remote codes and auto detects Ri Hardware with a green indicator light. In addition to this, the Ri can handle incoming phone calls. It is as easy as switching to speaker.

You should be able to purchase the Ri dongle from the Ri site for $29.99 here, and the App is available here for free.