Rhino Release Three Classic Neil Young Albums on DVD-Audio

Today is the day for Neil Young fans, with Rhino Records releasing three long-awaited titles as DVD-Audio discs, ‘On the Beach’, ‘Hawks and Doves’ and ‘American Stars ‘n Bars’.

All three discs are stereo-only, but the albums are presented at 176.4kHz 24-bit resolution and represent the highest fidelity versions of these classic albums ever to be made available.

On the Beach’ was recorded after ‘Tonight’s the Night’ but released before it in1974. The album finds Young pulling out of despair to the sound of wandering melodies, sparse production, and pointed lyrics. Rhino describe the disc as “…a lost classic from his creative height.” Bonus material includes lyrics, photographs and a discography. A comprehensive High Fidelity Review appraisal can be found by clicking here.

Track list:

  1. Walk On
  2. See The Sky About To Rain
  3. Revolution Blues
  4. For The Turnstiles
  5. Vampire Blues
  6. On The Beach
  7. Motion Pictures (For Carrie)
  8. Ambulance Blues

On the Beach’ can be ordered from DVD Empire, priced $16.18.

Neil Young 'On the Beach'Neil Young ‘On the Beach

1977 saw the release of ‘American Stars ‘n Bars’, a stylistically eclectic set of songs recorded at different sessions during the mid-’70s. The album shows the many facets of Neil Young: rock, solo acoustic, country, and beyond. The live favourite ‘Like a Hurricane’ originally appeared here. Bonus material includes lyrics, photographs, a discography and a ‘Like a Hurricane’ video sequence.

Track list:

  1. Old Country Waltz
  2. Saddle Up The Palomino
  3. Hey Babe
  4. Hold Back The Tears
  5. Bite The Bullet
  6. Star Of Bethlehem
  7. Will To Love
  8. Like A Hurricane
  9. Homegrown

American Stars ‘n Bars’ can be ordered from DVD Empire, priced $16.18.

Neil Young 'American Stars 'n Bars'Neil Young ‘American Stars ‘n Bars

Hawks and Doves’, originally released in 1980, followed 1979’s triumphant ‘Rust Never Sleeps’. Young recorded this mostly acoustic and country-flavoured album during a time of family commitments. Includes the lonesome epic ‘The Old Homestead’.

Track list:

  1. Little Wing
  2. The Old Homestead
  3. Lost In Space
  4. Captain Kennedy
  5. Stayin’ Power
  6. Coastline
  7. Union Man
  8. Comin’ Apart At Every Nail
  9. Hawks and Doves

Hawks and Doves’ can be ordered from DVD Empire, priced $16.18.

Re-ac-tor’ was also planned for an April 13th release, but has been delayed until 5th May due to changes made to the disc’s on-screen menu artwork.

It should also be noted that all three titles were produced using the latest MEI/Sonic DVD-Audio authoring package, and therefore their high-resolution content will be unplayable on the Pioneer DV-563a in its current form. See related news story for more details.

Neil Young 'Hawks and Doves'Neil Young ‘Hawks and Doves’