Regal Prepares for Digital 3D Projection

For the past months, we have been hearing of new films coming out in 3D. As far as viewing these films, you have to be excited. But if you are hosting the film showing, you know you have to get ready and this includes rolling out new screens that can support 3D projection.

Such is the intent of Regal which has reportedly rolled out 1,500 screens to coincide and support Sony 4K digital projectors. These projectors project about 8.8 million pixels, four times better than the standard HD we see today. So you can just imagine the wasted resolution with the current screens, something that may soon be improved as Regal promises to install appropriate digital projection systems for the coming years.

Regal operates 6,763 screens in 547 locations. It is the largest movie exhibitor in the world.

(Source) WBIR