Reflex Dock Pro Allows You To Watch Videos From An iPhone On Your TV

If you’re an iPhone owner, then you probably like being able to stream movies, TV episodes and other videos to watch on your handset. But your viewing experience is definitely limited since your smartphone has such a small screen. You’d be better off using your TV set or laptop to watch your favorite movies and television shows.

However, Konnet can offer you another option. They developed a device that actually allows you to stream videos from your smartphone to your TV set. This device is called the Reflex Dock Pro. It consists of a small cradle that holds your iPhone and connects it to your TV with an AV cable. Then any videos on your smartphone instantly become watchable on your television set. But you’re required to have an original iPhone 3G at least to use the device.

The Reflex Dock Pro can also sync and re-charge your iPhone through a USB cable that comes with the device, so your handset’s battery won’t be drained as you watch videos on your TV. This device will only cost you $50. This seems like a pretty good deal at that price.