Reality Check: There isnt much 3D content out there

I know that I want a 3D TV, and I know that they are being made by all the big names.

So why isn’t there a huge 3D market now? Probably because there is little to watch in 3D. Many 3D DVDs and Blu-ray’s are prepared fo active shutter glasses, and the biggest 3D film of all time, Avatar, isn’t in 3D.

As for broadcasting, Comcast’s dedicated 3D Channel isn’t being used, and Direct TV’s dedicated 3D channel won’t kick in until June. Such is the similar case of other 3D networks such as ESPN 3D, Discovery 3D, and Verizon FiOS 3DTV.

So, until consumers get the choice of 3D content, there is no market for 3D.