Real World High Resolution Re-Releases

Peter Gabriel fans are excited at the possibility of re-releases of his classic albums on either SACD or DVD-Audio, but, contrary to the impression given by a number of on-line resources, details of the releases and their format are yet to be decided.

Real World sources, who spoke exclusively to High Fidelity Review, told us that they “…had yet to reach an agreement with their record companies…on which new format the studio will support.

According to Real World, SACD looks the most likely release format, but not until September/October. However, re-masters will appear worldwide in May, but only in 44.1kHz 16-bit Compact Disc form. They will be packaged in standard Jewel cases, digipak (in the USA) and deluxe ‘mini-vinyl’ gatefold in the rest of the world.

Our Real World source told us: “Though we didn’t have a release plan we still re-mastered to DSD and 24/96 (whilst there are 24/192 editors available there were no 24/192 mastering tools at the time) so that we’d be ready and to keep the best possible archive.