RCA RT2870 Review-Really Nice For the Price

You know, it’s tough to find a good array of speakers.  True audiophiles can argue the sun clear around trying to figure out just what the best of the best is.  But sometimes, you can find speakers that are good enough, and extra nice when you consider the price.  That’s what I thought of the RCA RT2870 speaker system–that it’s good enough for the job you ask it to do.

It’s a five-speaker combination with one thousand watts of power, digital AM / FM tuner, Dolby digital, a USB input and a front-mount input for an MP3 player, plus a subwoofer for extra bass.

The plain and simple on this one is that it is, in fact, plain and simple.  There aren’t a whole lot of jacks or interesting functions or anything like that–just a nice, solid system that produces nice, solid sound.  Voice reproduction is surprisingly clear, and the controls on the front are also easy to work with.  It’s a nice system, even more so when you consider that this “nice system” comes at about a hundred and fifty eight bucks.

The RCA RT2870 may not be much of a system, as systems go, but one thing’s clear–it definitely does the job, and without breaking the bank.