Rainbow DLP PDA580X Projector

Forget scribbling on the boring black boards, for modern day teachers now lean on the high-tech teaching aid to teach students in large numbers. Bringing quality difference in the education system is the new Rainbow PDA580X Projector. This unique offering embeds the international leading DLP digit projection technology, 1920?1080i XGA resolution and 3200 lumen brightness. Its functions are splendid and performance is superlative.

For the technical specifications, see below-

  • Contrast ratio-2000: 1
  • Projection ratio-1.9 times (projection distance: Screen height), 2 meters place 52 inches
  • Noise-34db
  • Focal variation-1.2 time of focal variations, manual focusing
  • Screen beam-to-depth ratio-4:3 /16: 9
  • Light bulb power -230W ultrahigh voltage mercury lamp