Qsonix QJB-110 jukebox

Qsonix has released its latest award winning 110 touch screen based systems along bundled with new version 2.45 software application. The 110 jukebox is packed with amazing features and built-in music store.

Customers can avail of the Qsonix system in two attractive models including a slim desktop series Q110 or nostalgic jukebox QJB-110. The QJB 110 jukebox system can be used as a stand-alone jukebox music system, which has built-in 350w amp, speakers and subwoofer. You can also use the device as a multi-zone system, which can easily be connected anywhere in your room.

With the help of advanced features, users will have no hassle in searing the tracks along with albums and artists. Moreover, you can browse, sample, purchase or even play high quality music sections by using drag and drop interface attached with the QJB-100 jukebox.

The QJB 100 jukebox also has external USB drive, flac lossless folder set-up, an optional CD loading system and a lot more.