Pure-If Anywhere 2 Speaker system


Recently, Logitech introduced its new Pure-Fi Anywhere speaker system. Designed to let the users enjoy clear sound and maximum bass with iPod speakers, Pure-If Anywhere speaker system is equipped with a unique combination of speaker drivers.

The new Pure-If Anywhere 2 Speaker system features advanced acoustics to enable you to experience clear sound. It also incorporates a set of 2-inch Max-X active, high-excursion drivers for delivering full and balanced audio effects. Apart from its compact size, the battery life of these speakers makes it worth buying for your iPod.

Featuring the StereoXL technology, this new speaker system comes with a wireless remote control and one-touch controls. Pure-If Anywhere 2 Speaker System comes fitted with a 10-hour rechargeable battery and a travel case that protects and stores speakers. This new speaker system is available at a price of $ 129.00.

Via: Logitech