Psyko Krypton and Carbon Professional Surround Sound Gaming Headsets

I have reviewed the Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming headphones before, and found them to be quite the cool set of headphones.

It would appear that Psyko is not quitting with their cool headphones as they have introduced the Krypton and the Carbon. These headphones, that are named after elements for some reason, and it uses the same technology as the 5.1 gaming headset.

The Psyko Krypton and Carbon is “the most realistic and accurate directional audio ever”, and the Psyko Wave technology “improves your situational awareness, reaction time, game performance and game immersion”.

In short, it is something that would improve the gamer’s game. I am not certain what the difference between the two are, other than price, but I notice that one of the headphones lacks the transparent ear cups. Okay, we should probably get to the price of this particular headphones. The Krypton is about $149, and the Carbon is about $199. I don’t seem to have a release date as yet.