ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker System


ProMedia is proud to launch 2.1 computer speaker system to convert your desktop into audio entertainment center. A combination of power and accuracy, the speaker system delivers unmatched audio quality.

Operating on 32-30,000Hz of frequency and 16dB of output, the speaker operates on 200watts of power and can drive 2 satellites and vented 6.5” subwoofer. Connect it to 2 channel soundcards or stereo mini-plug equipped device. Boasting 3” midbass drivers, headphone jack and o.75” MicroTractix tweeters, the speakers offer a dependable solution to music lovers.

Miniplug input ensures the compatibility with gaming consoles and portable audio devices. The 2.1 lbs weighing speaker system is available in black finish with the price still kept hidden.

Via: Klipsch