Projectiondesign to Unveil New FLD32 Projector

InfoComm09 will officially lift the covers of its first LED-based projector, the FLD32. This new projector boasts of a system which promises ultra-low maintenance and ultra-low energy consumption. The FL32 has no limits on installation orientation and can be used in any configuration including front and rear projection applications.

These range from single and multi-channel systems, 24/7 process control monitoring, advanced visualization, 3D stereoscopic, simulation to curved domes as well as single-screen video.

Packed with all the imaging, technology and resolution benefits to be found in the F32 series projectors, the new FL32 LED projector comes with enhanced color reproduction, an infinite contrast ratio and no rainbow effect. A range of lenses is available for use with the projector including ultra-wide for added installation flexibility.

The FL32 can be seen on the projectiondesign booth #3761 at InfoComm 09 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, from June 17–19 2009.

(Source) Press