Projection Screen Paint

Projection Screen Paint is designed by Vogel’s Products b.v. It is an award winner category of CES Innovations 2007. Projection Screen Screen Paint creates an ideal screen surface for all situations. Screenpaint comes with an additional paint components and removable magnetic black border. With Projection Screen Paint you can turn your wall into a Home Cinema Screen.

All you need is to paint on it, sit back and enjoy. It is the right choice for for your type of projector, projector position and the amount of light in your room. Plus it’s invisible when you are not using your projector (MPW 30 only). The screen comes in three categories: MPW 10- STANDARD SCREEN, MPW 20- TAILOR-MADE SCREEN AND BORDER and MPW 30-INVISIBLE WALL SOLUTION. Choose your required Screen and get ready for never ending fun.