Projection design Action! M30 1080 and Action! M25 DLP Projectors



The Award-winning Norwegian manufacturer projectiondesign has manufactured the advanced DLP Action M30 1080 and Action M25 projectors that drew huge crowds to Demo Alley in the EHX Expo.

Making an appropriate use of the new 10-bit digital natural expression DNX processing, these unique projector series are also part of the company’s premium residential line-up designed for home entertainment theaters and large-screen gaming applications.

Experience the great attributes of High-Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI 1.3 inputs, extended gamut YCC and DuArch illumination architecture that are known to deliver full resolution and superb cinematic realism. Action M25 1080p projector is in fact the industry’s smallest true HD projector. On the other hand, Action M30 1080 projector provides the large screen gaming with front projection.

Projectiondesign President Gary Plavin said, “We invite visitors to come and see for themselves what our innovation has produced – a level of professional quality cinema they would never have dreamed was available for the home.” So, you can now feel free to see this projector series yourself.

Via: Press