Professional Help For Odd Shaped Rooms


Basement Home Theater

If you have an odd shaped space in your basement or an upstairs room that is currently just storing exercise bicycles and boxes of Christmas ornaments, consider hiring a home theater design professional. Mike Fox, owner of Fox Audio Visual in Springfield, IL, was recently given the challenge of converting an unusual-shaped unfinished basement into a home theater.

“The space had a strange octagon-shaped area attached to it,” Fox explains. The home owner was going to just stick a wide screen TV in one corner, slap up a sound system, and call it a day, but at the last minute decided to call in a professional. The result was a fantastic and elegant home theater room with custom woodwork and lighting, fantastic acoustics, and top-of-the line sound and video. Sometimes it pays to get a professional opinion, and oddly enough, it’s often the rooms that are least practical for anything else that make the best home theaters once the design is carefully executed.