Pre-Fab Acoustical Sound Panels


Pre-Fab Acoustical Sound Panel

Custom acoustical design used to be taken for granted when planning a home theater installation, mostly because the only people who could afford home theater when it first became popular were people who could also afford to have the acoustics professionally analyzed and installed. Now that all-in-one home theater systems have become affordable, and home theater components have become popular among amateur small electronics buffs and do-it-yourself weekend warriors, the demand for prefab, already made acoustical panels is increasing by leaps and bounds.

United Plastics, Inc. now distributes a line of pre-fab acoustical sound panels for a broad range of applications through a variety of big box home improvement stores. The panels come in boxes of two, have a sound absorptive polyester inner core, and are easy to install. Prices start at around $80.00 per box for two 24×24 inch panels.