Pragmatic High-performance Array speakers

Recently, Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc., leader in audiovideo control and signal distribution, announced a unique line of array speakers. These were exbhibited at the InfoComm 2008 in Las Vegas Convention Center.

Currently offered in attractive white and black colors, these new speakers from Pragmatic can match any application. Array speakers offer a full-range of frequency response from 100 Hz to 20 KHz. Known as the PHA family of speakers, these speakers provide an excellent and well-defined sound dispersion patterns.

Designed ideally for use in public address venues like theme parks, train stations, bus depots, sports arenas, fitness clubs and houses of worship, Pragmatic Array Speakers are capable of covering more than 300 ft. distances. With these speakers, you get a variety of mounting option kits for placing them on commercial walls and drop-tile ceilings.

Via: InfoComm