Poster Art

Movie posters are the most economical way to spice up your home theater decor, and when you have a marquee frame system that allows you to pop new posters and take the old ones out easily and quickly, all the better. Most poster marquee frames come with a keyed door, but others use a clear poster protector and snap lock panels adjacent to the poster area.

To install a marquee frame in your home theater room, simply drill 2 rows of 3 holes in the back of the frame and then screw 2 inch stainless steel wood screws into your wall studs, or masonry/stone. Poster frames have “quick change” systems and fit standard 27″ wide x 40″ high “1 Sheet” posters produced by the movie studio’s publicity departments. Once you have the frame installed, you simple change posters whenever the mood strikes you. Depending on materials used, movie poster marquee frames can cost as little as $165. To browse from a selection of marquee frames, check out the website