Polk Audio Surroundbar SDA INT Speaker Review-More Than Youd Expect

Sound bar technology is starting to intrigue me, folks–sure, it doesn’t have the same punch as a five or seven channel surround sound system, but nor does it require the same kind of space.  And there are some really impressive entries in the sound bar market, like the Polk Audio Surroundbar.

The Polk Audio Surroundbar is a sound bar speaker setup with two seventy watt speakers contained inside.  It boasts a wireless subwoofer with a hundred and twenty watts of power, magnetic shielding to allow it to be placed near or even on your television, and stereo audio inputs.

It may sound incredibly simplistic–and looking at this thing will definitely give you pause before deciding to drop a whopping five hundred bucks on it–but I can assure you the sound that comes out of this thing is pretty impressive.  Is it five hundred bucks impressive?  That I’m not so sure on.  But in all honesty, this sucker puts out incredible sound and takes up virtually no room at all.

So if your theater space is a lot tighter than your wallet, the Polk Audio Surroundbar may be exactly what you’re looking for.