Polk audio rti6



These are fabulous sounding speakers all around. I love how they can be used for both music and television. Everything is clear and crisp with these. There’s no static or muffling of sound. I think these are bookshelf speakers that will suit everyone and every home.

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Rock On With Polk Audio RTi6 Bookshelf Speakers

The Polk Audio RTi6’s are speakers that are suitable for every home and every person. It doesn’t matter why you want these speakers or where in the house you want to put them. They sound great no matter what.

The Polk Audio RTi6 speakers are great sounding speakers that are going to really make watching TV or listening to music a lot more exciting. The sound is big and powerful from these speakers and that puts them way up on my list of favorites. They’re very attractive and expensive-looking speakers, too. I love their rich wooden finishes. They actually use real cherry or oak veneers, depending on which finish you choose. This kind of quality and attention to detail is hard to find out there, but I would expect nothing less from Polk.

One of my favorite aspects of the Polk Audio RTi6 speakers is how they are timbre matched to other Polks. This makes them the ultimate choice for home theaters. If you build your theater system with Polk speakers, you’ll be able to get the most realistic sound, they make sure of it. I love it!

The technology that makes these RTi6 speakers so powerful is fantastic. They have PowerPort bass that’s the best in clean, low distortion bass, and they have a topnotch Dynamic Balance tweeter with a neodymium magnet. The latter ensures clean detailed highs that are simply amazing. With these powerful speakers, you get clear and rich sound. The sound imaging from these speakers is also something you’ll be able to enjoy whether you’re watching television or listening to your favorite CD. I adore how instruments and vocals are so clear and distinct. Nothing gets lost when you have these speakers.

The Polk Audio RTi6 speakers are great for any purpose. I love listening to everything through them, I love the way they look and I find they can set off the design of any room perfectly. These are one of my all-time favorites. Other bookshelf speakers can’t hold a candle to these in my book!

Technical Info:

Mid/woofer: 6.5" with Dynamic Balance polymer composite drivers

Cabinets: Real black oak veneer or cherry veneer

Tweeter: 1" silk dome with a neodymium magnet

Heat-sinked: Yes PowerPort® Plus bass venting: Yes for

Butyl rubber surrounds: Yes

Bi-wirable: Yes

Bi-ampable: Yes

Model: AM0395

Item Package Quantity: 1

Speaker type: Left / right channel speakers

Speakers maximum output power:250 Watts

Speakers response bandwidth: 40 – 27000 Hz

Depth: 14.3 inches

Height: 14.8 inches

Width: 7.8 inches

Speaker amplification type: Passive

Speaker connectivity: Wired

Speakers crossover channel quantity: 2-way

Remote control description: None

Warranty: 5 years warranty

Price: $345

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