Polk Audio PSWi225 Wireless Sub Woofer

For people who hate wires yet are looking for proper distribution of quality sound in their home theater setup, this PSWi225 wireless sub woofer from Polk Audio helps solve all your worries. Now thanks to wireless technology, Polk Audio has come up with a great solution, the Polk Audio PSWi225 Wireless Sub Woofer, that is bound to erase all those problems.

Polk Audio offers the PSWi225 Sub that uses a 2.4Ghz wireless transmission to deliver an impressive 40-180 Hz response from anywhere in the room. Measuring 12 inch x 13 inch x 12 inch, the PSWi225 can be positioned wherever the bass response is most effective.

The Polk PSWi2255 will be released in March 2009 for $399.

(Source) Techfresh