Polk Audio DSW Pro Digital Subwoofers Range

. Polk Audio is pleased to announce its new range of high-performance DSW Pro digital subwoofer range, designed to offer hassle free installation. A simple plug-and-play kit will enable you to connect the subwoofers wirelessly to almost any home entertainment system in seconds.

The plug-and- play kit comprises of a small wireless dongle that connects to the subwoofer’s amplifier. No additional AC power connection is necessary, since the system uses the subwoofer’s power supply. To send flawless bass signals to the subwoofers, you will just need to connect the included compact wireless transmitter to an A/V receiver.

Polk’s new wireless-ready subwoofers come in three popular sizes. The compact DSW PRO 440wi cost $449 and features an 8" woofer and 360 watts of clean amplification. The DSW PRO 550wi sports a 10" woofer, 400 watts of power and is priced at $559, while the flagship DSW PRO 660wi provides the ultimate bass extension through a 12" woofer and a powerful 500 watt amplifier. It cost $679. You can turn all these three models wireless with the addition of the PWSK 1 wireless kit, available at $119.