Polk Audio AM1805-A SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater

Polk Audio is a known and reliable brand as far as delivering quality audio and sound speaker systems. The Polk Audio AM1805-A SurroundBar SDA instant home theater seems to be a logical choice considering it only makes use a single speaker and a wireless subwoofer. Logical in the sense that you don’t have to worry about multiple speaker placements; these two can practically carry the quality in home theater entertainment audio you are looking for.

The dynamic balance and high level of performance tht the Polk Audio AM1805-A SurroundBar SDA provides should be something worth considering. Who needs a lot of speakers if you can get that much power from a speaker and subwoofer alone?

They are easy to install and the need for sound calibration hardly matters. It includes a cradle for mounting options which is geared more towards how you want your home theater setup organized.

Price: $499.95

(Source) Amazon