PocketCinema V10 mini-projector


A slew of wooing technologies were unveiled at the Computex 2008 and joining them was the engineering masterwork of the Digital Camcorder and Camera pioneer, the Aiptek Company. It has recently announced a pocketsize media player coupled with a digital frame, this innovative effort is named as the PocketCinema V10 mini-projector.The PocketCinema V10 mini-projector supports 3M’S miniature projection technology and has an in-built camera. This revolutionary pocket size projector can project an image up to 50-inches.

What else? Well, the V10 mini-projector is compatible with cell phone, iPod, Wii and other video capable devices. It can also playback images and videos from its 1 GB internal memory and MMC/MS, SD card. Equipped with the built-in battery system, this mini-powerhouse technology can support various file formats such as JPEG, ASF, AVI and MPEG 4.

Via: Digitimes