Playstation Network will be back up next week

As we have reported before, the PlayStation Network went down last week in order to be rebuilt for security. I suppose that it was better having it out for a week rather than allow possible external intrusions.

I’m not a PlayStation Network subscriber, but if I was, I would be pretty ticked. After all, you are paying for a service that you are not getting. Fortunately, Sony is starting the “Welcome Back” program.

The program allows that all existing PlayStation Network users will get 30 days of PlayStation Plus for free, and existing PlayStation Plus members will get 30 days of additional service for free as well. Sony has also “increased the levels of security for the network”. The company is even working with the FBI to track down the attackers who caused this outage. I suppose that if they are caught, they will be crucified on the Internet.

I don’t seem to have a date on when the PlayStation Network is going back up again, but uses will have to download a firmware upgrade, as well as creating a new login password.