Plane Quiet Platinum Noise Canceling Headphones

Does the noise of your surroundings trouble you while listening to your favorite music? Get the new Plane Quiet Platinum Noise Canceling Headphones and listen to your music only and nothing else. The noise disturbance that you gain while traveling through a flight will be reduced up to 80 %. With leather wrapped ear cups & headband; Gold plated 1/4th inch stereo pin, 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch adapter and dual-pin adapter this headphone looks quite majestic. Also it is very user friendly with its Noise cancellation on/off switch. Plug it in wherever you are sitting and enjoy noise free music anytime.

A few features of the Plane Quiet Platinum Noise Canceling Headphones are:

Cable length: 0.8m; 35mm diameter
Compatible with: iPod ®/ MP3, CD, DVD players/laptop computers/ desktop computers
Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz.
Impedance: 32ohm, +/-10 percent
Noise cancellation: up to 18db between 150-400Hz.
Up to 18 decibels of active noise reduction
Weight: 5.12 oz.

You would just love picking it up as it comes in a very affordable range of $99.95 with two AAA batteries and limited one-year warranty