Planar PX2411W Desktop Monitor

.Planar Systems, Inc. a universal leader in specialty display solutions, recently unveiled its new widescreen LCD desktop monitor PX2411W. PX2411W has made a forte in giving extraordinary crisp, clear images, text and gorgeous rich colors at any angle.  This widescreen displays boost efficiency and presentation by providing about 82 percent more screen space than a normal 4:3 19-inch display. The company’s new display is developed to uphold high-end graphics and other challenging functions vital for specific specialty markets, like graphic design, video editing and computer-assisted design manufacturing (CAD/CAM), finance, advertising and marketing professionals.

This LCD desktop is perfect solution for all small as well as medium business, education and government organizations which has to perform high levels of multitasking. Furthermore, Planar’s widescreen PX monitor is also proficient of exhibiting two full pages, side-by-side. Other than all this, these widescreens can be packed with a widescreen laptop for picture perfect support. The PX2411W monitors are available through a range of online and distribution partners. Although there is no information on the pricing yet all we know is that PX2411W LCD is backed by Planar’s three-year warranty, with free two-day advance replacement.

Via: Businesswire