Planar Announces Shipments of New Line of Clarity Rear-Projection Displays

.Planar Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLNR), a stellar in specialized display solutions, declared the first shipments of the SP Series- its new line of Clarity rear-projection displays. With a perspective to provide innovative products in the market, Planar Systems Inc. offers unparalleled service in the field of value-added display hardware and software for a variety of specialty displays. Its headquarters are in Oregon., USA. Planar supplies groundbreaking solutions for the exhibit of networked visual information comprising displays, digital signage software, and control room solutions for a variety of state, local and federal government customers.

The novel SP rear-projection Digital Light Processing (DLP) cubes, which employ cutting edge DLP technology from Texas Instruments, are available in two configurations “open system” or “integrated system”. You can get Rear Projection Displays in diagonal sizes of 50” (c50SP/c50SPi), 67” (c67SP/c67SPi), and wide screen 70” (c70SPw/c70SPwi). All SP displays support Planar’s revolutionary Set It and Forget It™ (SiFi) engineering that automatizes the uninterrupted operation of Clarity cubes at peak performance.

Complying with the Planar display custom of offering innovational display solutions, the SP series are unambiguously placed in the control room market for the government and corporate applications. Models c50SP and c67SP offer 4:3 aspect ratio and SXGA+ (1400×1050) resolution. C70SPw deliver wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio and full HD (1920×1080) resolution. All the SP models support SiFi Auto Color Balance and Redundant Lamp Systems and strikingly lessen the time and expertness commanded to nourish a fully operating and optimally balanced video wall of multiple rear projection cubes. The Auto Color Balance feature of SiFi lets each SP cube in the wall to simultaneously assess the luminosity and color of the actual light directed at the screen. This selective information is equated and then the optimal setting is directed to each cube to mechanically create a rebalanced wall. It takes about 30 seconds for adjusting the colors (*depending on the size of the wall).

Here are some of the distinguishing features of c50SP, c67SP, c70SP are:

  • Outstanding resolution: SXGA+ to 1080p Full HD
  • Striking video performance: DLP SmoothPicture™ technology from Texas Instruments®
  • Color purity and high brightness: Thanks to DLP display technology that makes it possible for Clarity’s new SP series to deliver high brightness and color performance.
  • Two seamless screen offerings: These units are available with unlined screen technology in either high brightness (hb) or wide view (wv) screen materials
  • Motorized alignment & ease of set up: Image set-up is easy due to the usage of new electro-mechanical image alignment technology accessible by remote control unit
  • Front access: The displays allow for full front serviceability of all components
  • Long Life Lamps: Unparalleled dual lamp rotation system delivers 20,000 hours of total lamp life
  • Limited rear clearance requirements: The limited rear clearance requirements on both the c50X and c67X make the product ideal for space constrained areas
  • Available in Open or Integrated System Design: Elastic options available for turn-key control room solutions

The technological and physical attributes of SP displays are specifically configured for high dependability in restrained spaces. To guarantee that installation and maintenance is swift and straightforward, SP displays come with the front and rear access and modular design. With the combination of electro-mechanical image alignment technology, IR remote control and serial link control features it becomes easy to set up images. The products are directed at government, security, transportation and broadcast markets, but the variety of screen and lamp options meet a wide range of customer applications.

The expected prices for the Integrated System (i) versions of the SP Series as suggested by manufacturers are: c50SPi $20,800 for single lamp and $22,800 for dual lamp systems; c67SPi at $25,800 for single lamp, and $27,800 for dual lamp systems; c70SPwi at $26,800 for single lamp and $28,800 for dual lamp systems. As the Planar SP Series will be made available to the customers through Planar’s network of system integrators and audio visual dealers, so dealer discounts may vary.