Pixela PIX-DT141-PU CaptyTv Hi-Vision TV Capture Box

The latest Pixela PIX-DT141-PU CaptyTv is the first ever TV capture box which allows you to enjoy hi-vision programme of terrestrial digital broadcast. The "Capty Hi-vision" in correspondence to the Mac USB connection offer you an ultimate range and output. The TV application viz. “StationTV” LE for Mac is an exclusive service only provided at this system. Unfortunately, the capture box doesn’t correspond to subtitle broadcast and data broadcast. Invest 22,800 Yen in this exceptional product.


Mass-Approx. 110Kg

Interface-USB 2.0

Power Consumption-Approximately 2.3W
Operating System-After Mac OS X

v10.4.11 and After Mac OS X v10.5.4
Reception Broadcast-Terrestrial

Digital broadcast

Via: Pixela