Pioneer VSX 519 V-K Receiver Review-Tiny But Mighty

Pioneer is, generally, one of those truly excellent brands that you can always count on to supply a solid product.  Even the lower-end Pioneer models can be counted on to put out great sound quality with plenty of options, and the Pioneer VSX 519 V-K is a perfect example of this.

The Pioneer VSX 519 V-K is a five channel surround sound receiver with two HDMI inputs, a front mini jack for iPods and the like, an advanced sound retriever and an auto level control with auto speaker setup.

This may be one of the absolute lowest-end Pioneer models out there on shelves today.  You can see for yourself that it’s definitely nowhere near top of the line, but this actually doesn’t matter.  Yes, it’s low end–they’re only asking two hundred bucks for them on Amazon–but the quality is still there, and that’s what you look for in any system.  It may be lacking in bells and whistles, it may not be seven channel, but the Pioneer VSX 519 V-K definitely has the punch you’d want and a good bargain to boot.