Pioneer VSA-AX1AH A/V Amplifier


Pioneer has unveiled its new 7.1 VSA-AX1AH A/V Amplifier with 1.3a HDMI, Dolby NR True HD, DTS HD Master Audio (excellent for HD-DVD/BluRay), Advanced MCACC and USB to plug in your DAP. You will be able to purchase the amplifier during Late June at an expected price of 140,000 Yen. The new “phase control” technology cancels the gap of bass at the time of 2 and multichannel playback. Pioneer VSA-AX1AH features High quality ?? type 192kHz/24 bit DA converter, Windows Media® Audio 9 Professional (WMA9 Pro), Frequency characteristic 5 Hz ~ 100 kHz (+0 dB/-03 dB), Line input SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO ratio 103 dB (IHF-A), Base machine mass 15.3 kg, Digital Coaxial 2 system and optical 4 system (as for the inside 1 systems other than front inputting and front input assign possibility) , Audio 3 systems (CD, TUNER and CD-R/TAPE/MD) and Electric power consumption 345 W.

Via: Pioneer