Pioneer S-4EX and S-8EX Speakers


Now past the glory of video and DVD players Pioneer has set its eyes
on manufacturing an audio delight. Exclusively designed to impress
audio lovers with looks, design and performance of its new S-4EX and
S-8EX Speakers, Pioneer has befitted the new offerings with the highly
acclaimed technology used in the formerly launchedS-3EX tall boy
speakers. The -4EX bookshelf and S-8EX center channel completes a
multi-channel audio system consisting EX drivers from top to bottom,
on being merged with the tall boys speakers. Each speaker is quite
equipped to handle 160-watts of pure power, in addition specifications
suggest the use of 3cm Ceramic Graphite tweeter dome, 16cm bass driver
(2x in the center channel), ultra rigid cabinet construction and beech
high gloss veneer or dark teak matte finishes. No word on pricing so