Pioneer OFFICIALLY Stops LaserDisc Manufacturing

To many, laserdiscs are a thing of the past. But not all players that can play previous formats die. For Pioneer, many may be surprised that they have kept up the tradition as far as laserdiscs are concerned but with this news release, it is safe to say that the LaserDisc is dead and gone.

Originally known as DiscoVision and LaserVision, the 12-inch optical videodisc format was developed by MCA and Philips. The first consumer player wore the Magnavox logo, though Pioneer eventually became the format’s champion, giving it the proprietary name LaserDisc, which became the generic format name laserdisc.

Pioneer Corporation today announces that it will cease to manufacture its LaserDisc (LD) players upon completing the production of a total of approximately 3,000 more players.

The final models produced by Pioneer are the DVL-919 (DVD/LD compatible player), CLD-R5 (LD/CD player), DVK-900 (DVD/LD karaoke system), and DVL-K88 (DVD/LD compatible karaoke player).

(Source) Pioneer