Pioneer LX01BD Blu-ray Home Cinema system hits UK shelves


Any of your Brits out there looking to really overhaul your home theater? You should check out Pioneer’s LX010BD Blu-ray Home Cinema system which was recently announced to have hit shelf markets in the UK.

But what exactly can you expect when you buy this ?2000 mammoth? Well, as you can see above you’ll get the LX01BD Blu-ray player which allows for 1080p resolution playback and HDMI Deep Color Support, guaranteeing you the best color possible. Along with two HDMI ports, one in and one out, you’ll be able to hook up your Xbox 360 or similar device.

When it comes to sound, Pioneer has you covered. This system incluldes a 5.1 channel amplifier, along with four compact satellite speakers that you can strategically place around the room for optimal sound.

But how do you control all of this technology without getting confused? Pioneer is throwing in an LCD touchscreen remote which allows for couch-potato configuration.