Pioneer LX0 New home cinema system


A firm believer of innovation and versatility, Pioneer is coming soon with its new LX01 home cinema system; a unique surround sound system that shares the minimalist aesthetic. LX01 is a complete home entertainment solution. It’s the combination of best technology and design this system includes a 250GB hard disk and a DVD recorder with digital terrestrial tuner. It has the capability of copying CDs to the hard disk at maximum 16 times the normal speed; and at the original LPCM quality. The LX01 subwoofer-receiver has dual-drive subs enabling more powerful handling of lower frequencies. Copying and editing footage from a camcorder via the digital DV-Inis an added advantage. You can also connect a USB keyboard directly to the LX01. The black beauty LX01 will be available in market latest by October.

Via: Pioneer