Pioneer HTS GS1 Home Theater System

Pioneer has always been known to produce the best possible audio quality for audio entertainment. The Pioneer HTS GS1 home theater system system delivers all of the power and features of a traditional surround sound system without cluttering your space.

All of the connections you’ll need are integrated into the subwoofer and color-coded, allowing quick and easy installation and set-up. With three digital inputs, this system is ready for DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio tracks found in games, video and music.

While the HTS-GS1 has front and surround sound speakers for conventional 5.1 surround sound, a Front Stage Surround Sound option provides a very realistic surround sound experience even when all of the speakers are placed in the front of the room. Through sophisticated digital sound processing and directional speakers, the HTS-GS1 can deliver room-filling surround sound without the hassle of running wires to additional rear speakers.

Auto MCACC Calibration technology automatically adjusts mulitple audio characteristics specifically to your own gaming environment. Just place the ultra high-end calibration microphone in your favorite gaming position and the system will automatically adjust the sound for distance, volume, speakers’ size and equalization. It actually listens to how the sound responds to elements in the room and alters it for maximum reproduction accuracy. Once you hear balanced and precise sound, you’ll have a whole new listening experience for all your games, videos and music. And speaking of music, the HTS-GS1 has new Sound Retriever DSP technology designed to replace lost information and dynamics in compressed music files like MP3, WMA, AAC.

The universal remote is Xbox 360 compatible and allows the flexibility to switch between gaming and the extensive Xbox 360 multimedia capabilities. With its Windows Media Center and powerful Xbox Guide Buttons, the universal remote provides easy and intuitive control of your complete system

Price: $209.99