Pioneer HTP-S717 and HTP-07B Home theater system


Pioneer HTP-07B towards left and HTP-S717 towards right

Pioneer rolled out its two Home Theater systems complementing thin-shaped television sets.Pioneer HTP-07B priced 65,000 Yen (61,905 Yen in tax removal price) and “Smart theater 717″ Pioneer HTP-S717 priced 94,000 Yen expected to be available from September first third. The HTP-07B features a receiver sub woofer, center speaker, digital wireless ria tweet car, transmitter, display unit, remote control and setup microphone whereas the HTP-S717 home theater features receiver sub woofer, front speaker (L and R), center speaker, digital wireless ria tweet car, remote control, setup microphone, transmitter and display unit. Both products support Dolby digital and Dolby professional logic II. They equip DTS and the MPEG-02 AAC decoder. An FM/AM tuner is also provided for those who love to listen to radio. The Home Theaters are colored in black and elegantly designed to match up with the Plasma TV in your room.

Via: Pioneer