Pioneer DV-800AV DVD Player


Pioneer recently announced its latest DVD Player DV-800AV for home theatre enthusiasts. The DVD Player is designed as a companion for thin line of TV’s capturing the global markets today. It can accompany PDP-6010HD, PDP-5010HD, PDP-508HX, PDP-428HX, VSA-LX70, VSA-AX4AH, VSA-AX2AH and HTP-LX70. The DVD Player lets the users enjoy high picture quality. It can upscale up to 1080p and id equipped with an HDMI output. The DVD DV-800AV comes loaded with music software for the playback of SACD. To enjoy the multichannel sound of SACD with treble quality you can also connect VSA-AX4AH Pioneer’s amplifier. The Pioneer DV-800AV adopts 216MHz/12bit image DAC to the D/A converter for the component image output of DVD with Kousei detail. This DivX Ultra Certified Product delivers a playback of numerous formats.

Via: Pioneer